August 16, 2010

Harvey Levin is Gay... where have I been ?!

So for the rest of you who are as completely as out of the loop as myself, yes, it’s true, Harvey Levin is gay. Seen here with his long-time boyfriend Dr. Andy Mauer, a chiropractor and...

...body builder with spreads featured in Men’s Muscle & Fitness magazine; you know how to pick ‘em Harvey!

For those of you who don’t know Harvey Levin produces and is also the frontman for the not-so-newsworthy, but totally amazing celebrity news show TMZ. Levin was outed by Alec Baldwin last year after TMZ aired embarrassing voicemail messages of Baldwin verbally abusing his teenage daughter.

Did You Know?
... That in 1994 Harvey Levin reported on the O.J. Simpson murder trial almost causing the murder charges against Simpson to be tossed! He presented a video on KCBS-TV which showed prosecutor Marcia Clark searching Simpson's home before a search warrant was issued. Days later Levin was forced to retract the story and apologize on the air.


okay levins gay, now that he is outed, he dont have to worry anymore. But before that he was worried, maybe he can put himself in the place of those show biz people whose privacy he invades all of the time
pole smoker, wonder is he's a bottom or top, i kid, clearly the bitch
whst is a pole smoker

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