September 27, 2010

Barbara Walters... plastic surgery before & after!

Okay let's be real I'm not even going to ask who thinks she has had plastic surgery like TMZ did... you all have eyes!

Let me just say this we harp on Heidi Montag, Joan Rivers and countless others but noone has pointed out the obvious with Barbara Walters. Since watching The View (on the rare occassion) I must say to me she is a stuck up you-know-what but it bothers me even more that she has been completed overlooked for her plastic surgery usage. Not sure how often she has openly discussed it either which is ironic considering she makes a point of having her interviewees open up, so why hasn't she?  Walters has completely changed her appearance, yes she doesn't look as plastic as Joan Rivers, but she has gone under the knife, quite extensively nonetheless.

Count your blessings Barbara because your surgeries outcomes could have easily gone in a different direction...


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